I Know Where I'm Going!


Film rated as: PG


88 mins


Joan Webster knows where she is going. Or does she? On route to the Hebrides to marry her wealthy fiancé, poor weather disrupts Joan’s progress and she finds herself stranded on the Isle of Mull. Here she finds a host of colourful characters, and one person in particular, who throw her best-laid plans into disarray. Powell and Pressburger made I Know Where I’m Going! to fill time whilst they waited for Technicolor film stock to become available for their next film, A Matter of Life and Death. Little did they know they would be creating a critical and commercial success whose reputation has only grown over the decades. This wonderful restoration by the BFI is not to be missed.

Writer-Director Nasheed Qamar Faruqui will give a special introduction before the screening.

This screening will be shown with Descriptive Subtitles and AD is available.

Part of Powell + Pressburger's Dreamweaving Cinema, supported by

A sublime and utterly distinctive romantic comedy

- Peter Bradshaw,
 The Guardian