Typist Artist Pirate King


Film rated as: 12A


106 mins


We are thrilled to welcome director Carol Morley, lead actor Monica Dolan, and producer Cairo Cannon to Cambridge for our 42nd Opening Night! 

Typist Artist Pirate King is a touching tribute to Sunderland-born artist Audrey Amiss. 

Carol Morley takes us on a heart-warming road trip that captures the memories, locations and nostalgia that influenced Audrey’s art and writing. The film first finds Audrey (Monica Dolan) going through the archives of her life’s work, feeling driven to return home to put on a final exhibition. Her psychiatric nurse Sandra (Kelly Macdonald) gets roped into the trip, and they encounter strangers and new friends on the road.

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This portrait of Audrey Amiss is by turns riotous and touching

- Catherine Wheatley,
 Sight and Sound