The Red Shoes


Film rated as: U


135 mins


In Glorious Technicolour deserves an entry in the Cambridge dictionary as an idiom because of films like The Red Shoes, one of the greatest British films ever made. The vibrant Technicolour hues acquire pictorial qualities in the hands of master of the light, cinematographer Jack Cardiff, and his artistry in this film deserves to be enjoyed on the canvas of the big screen, in particular in the superb ballet sequence, one of the best representations of ballet in cinema. This is undoubtedly one of Powell and Pressburger’s masterpieces and won two Academy Awards, one for the best score and the other one for the best production design. Fantasy and reality are blurred in its depiction of the passion, dedication and sacrifices artists have to make. Its story continues to be as valid today as when it was first released.

The screening on the 20th October will be followed by a panel discussion, “Lacing the Legacy”, about fashion, fantasy, and feminism in historical work with panellists: Lillian Crawford (film and culture writer), Pamela Hutchinson (writer, critic, curator, and film historian), and Dr Hannah Hitchin (film lecturer)

The film will be shown with Descriptive Subtitles and BSL interpretation will be provided for the film introduction and the post-screening panel.

Part of Powell + Pressburger's Dreamweaving Cinema, supported by 

This remains a luminous masterpiece

- David Parkinson,