Film rated as: 15


92 mins




Romantic comedies can be a little bit formulaic, but actor-turned-director Randall Park’s feature debut is anything but. Adapted from Adrian Tomine’s 2007 graphic novel of the same name, it focuses on Ben (Justin H. Min), a struggling filmmaker who is left to his own devices when his girlfriend Miko (Ally Maki) moves from their Californian apartment to New York for a three month internship. What follows is not only frequently funny – Joy Ride’s Sherry Cola scores many laughs as Alice, Ben’s queer (and blunt) best friend – but also an absorbing character study that offers biting insights on the value of Asian American comedies. There are few shortcomings to be found here.

Funny and touching, with a star-making performance from Min

- Devika Girish,
 The New York Times