Chicken for Linda!


Film rated as: CFF-PG



76 mins




Original Title: Linda veut du poulet!

Italian-French duo Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach present this gorgeous, heartfelt and hilarious animation about love, nostalgia and community, which won the Cristal top prize at the Annecy Film Festival. After another family squabble, eight-year-old Linda and her mother Paulette have pushed their relationship to the limit. The pain of Linda's father passing some years ago has deeply affected the pair, and in a search for comfort, Linda asks her mum to make chicken and peppers for dinner. Sounds pretty simple, right? In their quest to make the dish, a series of brilliant and ridiculous events occur, including a supermarket strike in France, a chicken-stealing-police chase, and a watermelon fight. Rich with laughter, and bursting with colour and calamity, this story sparks an essential conversation about grief and joy in childhood.

A uniquely styled and all-around delightful hand-drawn family drama

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