Songs of Earth


Film rated as: CFF-12A


90 mins


Original Title: Fedrelandet

Norwegian filmmaker Margreth Olin has been working across the documentary form for three decades, and yet her films always feel fresh and pertinent. For Songs of Earth, she chose a rather personal approach: filming her mother, and mainly her father, as a guide to a most spectacular part of the Norwegian landscape, the Oldedalen valley in Nordfjord. An extraordinary travelogue with episodes of contemplation dedicated to nature’s beauty across all seasons, Songs of Earth pays tribute to a world that, even for Norwegians, will always remain partly unknowable. The mysteries of life and death haunt these profound landscapes, while the music is composed of unique sound recordings – nature's own melodies, translated and performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra.

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A quietly profound film

- Wendy Ide,
 Screen Daily