I Am Somebody


Film rated as: CFF-PG




96 mins

Directed by:

Jamillah van der Hulst


Drika Yasmin Ali Sahil Aya


I AM SOMEBODY is an extraordinary film about six children who are chosen to represent their country at the Street Child World Cup in Qatar. Coming from Brazil Bangladesh, Pakistan and Palestine, from refugee camps to living on the street, the chance to take part in this tournament unites them. The United Nations has estimated that there are around 100 million street-connected children worldwide, and the tournament is a chance to raise awareness and provide support. The World Cup is a chance for these young people to meet other children who share similar life experiences, empower each other with confidence, and provide them with a chance to play sports, get involved in creative activities, and find a shared joy in being together.

We are thrilled to welcome director Jamillah van der Hulst, producer Conrad Alleblas and members of Street Child United to the 22nd October screening.