Home Ground


Film rated as: CFF-15

South Korea

78 mins

Directed by:

Kwon Aram




In the mid-1990s, the first openly lesbian bar in South Korea, LesBos, opened its doors in Sinchon, Seoul. This documentary follows one of the bar’s proprietors, Myong-woo, whose witty commentary prompts a broader reflection on Seoul’s lesbian scene and the evolution of the city’s queer spaces over the past five decades. In her feature debut, Kwon Aram documents generational change as she makes connections between past and present: from the 1976 police raid on Chanel, a women-only café that existed in Myeong-dong in the 1970s, to the more recent threat posed by Covid-19 to community solidarity. This is a film about a shared sense of belonging and shared environments of kinship.

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For the 23rd October screening, we are thrilled to welcome Queer East director Yi Wang for a special introduction and to present a pre-recorded Q&A with director Kwon Aram

Presented in collaboration with Queer East, a cross-disciplinary festival that showcases boundary-pushing queer cinema, moving image work and live arts from and about East and Southeast Asia and its diaspora communities.

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