Evil Does Not Exist


Film rated as: CFF-15


106 mins


Original Title: Aku wa Sonzai Shinai (悪は存在しない)

Fresh out of Venice, where it took the Grand Jury Prize, the new film by Oscar-winner Ryusuke Hamaguchi is a change of pace from his three-hour Drive My Car. In the small village of Harasawa, everything is peaceful, quiet, and communal. It’s even said that the clear spring water makes for the best udon dishes in Japan. But this oasis of nature faces an intrusion: a Japanese company plans to start construction on a glamping site for city tourists, disregarding the community’s pleas and suggestions. A touching meditation on the exchanges of nature and people, beautiful and flawed in their own little ways.

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An unsettling reflection on Man and Nature

- David Rooney,
 The Hollywood Reporter