Film rated as: CFF-15


112 mins




This year’s winner of Europa Cinemas Best European Film prize at Directors' Fortnight, Creatura tells the story of thirtysomething Mila, who has moved with her boyfriend to their new home, where Mia used to spend her holidays as a child. Their relationship is strained, mostly because of her loss of desire for him. Mila begins a self-exploratory journey in which she revisits her experiences as a little girl and an adolescent. Elena Martín doesn't shy away from difficult subjects as she presents a frank exploration of female sexuality and desire within patriarchal societies. It is a credit to her many talents that she does this whilst being both in front and behind the camera. Camera Catalonia has always championed the work of female filmmakers, and this film is a perfect example of the stimulating new stories they produce.

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We are thrilled to welcome Director Elena Martín and DOP Alana Mejia to the 22nd October screening.

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A boldly lyrical excavation of lifelong sexual desire

- Jude Dry,