Binu: A Two-Stars Story


Film rated as: CFF-PG


80 mins

Directed by:

Guillem Cabra Mar Clapés


Francesc Francina


Original Title: Binu: Història de dues estrelles

Francesc and Francina manage their restaurant as if time had not elapsed since their glory days in the 70s when they were awarded two Michelin stars, even though the customers stopped making reservations a long time ago. Their stubbornness and attachment to their golden era, together with Francesc’s cantankerous personality, make them incredible endearing. This very original documentary covers some of the best Catalan cuisine ever cooked, but it is more about integrity, adherence to principles, refusal to move with the fads and, ultimately, an incredibly zest and passion for life. It is also a wonderful love story.

We are thrilled to welcome directors Mar Clapes and Guillem Cabra to the 21st October screening.

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