Banel & Adama


Film rated as: CFF-15




87 mins




Original Title: Banel e Adama

The demands of family and tradition threaten the intoxicating love of a young couple. In a remote village north of Senegal, Banel and Adama long for their own home outside the village, but Adama is expected to accept his blood duty as future chief. Khady Mane gives a brilliant performance as Banel, a woman giddy in love but strong and defiant in her stand against sexism and superstition. This stunning first feature from female director Ramata-Toulaye Sy tells the story with subtlety and great insight, filling the screen with beautiful, astonishing imagery. She is an exciting new voice in cinema.

Presented in collaboration with The New Black Film Collective. TNBFC exists to create and cultivate a vibrant Black ecosystem in the UK film and TV sector

For the 24th October screening, we are thrilled to welcome Jasmine Bernard-Brooks from The New Black Film Collective for an "In Conversation" about the film with Estrella Sendra, specialist in African film, media and creative Industries.

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An impressive piece of work from a natural filmmaker

- Peter Bradshaw,
 The Guardian