All of Us Strangers


Film rated as: CFF-15



105 mins


The best crossover between Normal People and Fleabag? Andrew Haigh’s new film is one for the ages, with Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal tying past, present, and future in a London high rise. Apparently the only two people there, Adam and Harry become close just by virtue of proximity. All of Us Strangers is a fascinating whirlpool of a film, part ghost-story, part memory piece, but ultimately it's an exploration of the power of love. Humans are flawed, scarred by their past, but if they only meet each other things would be better, right? Based on Taichi Yamada's “Strangers”, our Closing Film will haunt you for a long time.

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The chemistry between Scott and Mescal in their scenes is atomic

- Hannah Strong,
 Little White Lies