Cambridge is the perfect short break destination - why not visit for several days and spend some time at the Cambridge Film Festival and some time exploring the city! Our range of venues will also help you explore the city without feeling like a tourist (but instead hopefully more like a VIP visitor!).

The Market Square

Situated in the centre of Cambridge Market Square is packed full of stalls 7 days a week. The market which has been the focal point of life in Cambridge for hundreds of years is a popular tourist attraction in its own right and an excellent starting point from which to explore the city centre.

Enjoy panoramic views of Cambridge from Castle Hill

Head towards Castle Street and then head upwards to the top of Castle Hill from where you can enjoy stunning views of beautiful Cambridge.

Punting on the River Cam

Punts are wooden boats and make for a popular Cambridge pastime (and mode of transport!). Viewing Cambridge from the river with a glass of champagne in hand is pretty unbeatable... If you're looking to hire a chauffeured punt we recommend Scudamore's Punting Company - pick up a punt from them by the bridge on Magdalene Street or by the Mill Pond area off Silver Street.

Kings College Cambridge

Kings College Cambridge on the banks of the River Cam is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Cambridge. The stunning architecture and picture perfect gardens make Kings College the ideal place to take a romantic stroll.

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