A highlight of the 2014 programme was the Retro-3D strand.

Many people unfairly portray the 3-D from the ‘50s as being of inferior quality to the current systems. Actually, those films were released in polarised systems with two 35mm prints running simultaneously on interlocked projectors. The system was more complex than flat projection and if there were errors then headaches were sure to follow, but when properly done the resulting images were amazing. The fact that it was rather expensive and technically complex, coupled with the arrival of Cinemascope, meant that its lifespan was short. We were left with some interesting films that showed the thrill that directors and producers experienced when having a new format for their films and so in 2014 we screened digital restorations of some classic 3D including HOUSE OF WAX, and THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.

2014 also saw the launch of Short Reel an award for student filmmakers in eastern and central England, launched by the Arts Film Club in association with the Cambridge Film Festival. 

The Arts Film Club was formed in 2010 by a group of Cambridge film enthusiasts, to encourage an informal, friendly community of film lovers, who could socialise regularly while also exploring together some of the cinematic gems on offer at the Arts Picturehouse.

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