Youth Lab

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Introducing the Cambridge Film Festival YOUTH LAB.

The new home for all our activities aimed at engaging with and encouraging film culture among young people (aged 16-30).


Young People's Jury (aged 16-24)

The 39th Cambridge Film Festival saw the introduction of a film literacy initiative centred on film criticism. We recruit 6 enthusiastic and committed film fans who will evaluate a selection of features from this years festival and, as part of our new Jury, choose a winning film to receive the inaugural prize.

This experience aims to foster the young people's film evaluation and criticism, communication and decision making with other Jury members and working to deadlines and collaborating as part of a team.

You can see the winner of the 2019 Young People's Jury Award here.


Take One Festival magazine & Website. (Ages 16-30)

Working with key Festival partner Take One, each year we recruit a team of film & journalism students to write for the Festival magazine. Reviewing, interviewing, recording/transcribing Q&As, taking photographs & helping with marketing. A number of them are invited each year to attend the Cannes Film Festival or other European Film Festivals & provide coverage for Take One. Since 2016 they have also produced a daily publication to supplement Take One magazine which can count towards their coursework.

Visit the website at Take One.


ShortReel Student Filmmaker Award

ShortReel is the established competition for student filmmakers in eastern and central England, run by the Arts Film Club in association with the Cambridge Film Festival. Students of all ages have the opportunity to submit a short film in any genre or style. The winning film has its premiere during the Festival and the winning filmmaker also receives a £200 cash prize to help support and encourage their future filmmaking. 

Further details can be found here at the ShortReel Filmmaker Award.


Networking events (Ages 16-30)

A series of emerging talent networking events targeting first time filmmakers, film students and young people embarking on careers in the film and exhibition industries.


Internships. (Ages 18 +)

In addition to the initiatives above we also recruit a small team of 6-10 interns to assist with every aspect of the Film Festival, from Marketing and Design opportunities to Events Management and Film Shipment support, these internships offer real, hands on, experience delivering a modern film festival.  

For more information, check out our Internships page.


Festival Volunteering. (Ages 16+)

Alongside a small group of interns the much larger team of Festival volunteers is essential to delivering every edition of the Festival. Volunteer duties include ushering at screenings, assisting with marketing activities, assisting the hospitality team, as well as runner tasks including general office and front-of-house duties to keep the Festival running smoothly.

For more information, check out our volunteering page.


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