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  • Run time: 18 minutes



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18 minutes


Experience events from a century ago with a different perspective - as a rebel in the Easter Rising of Dublin and as a Caribbean soldier. Both of these artistic, poetic works blur the lines between documentary and drama, using theatrical techniques and extensive research to craft experiences thing bring a fresh angle to historic events.

EASTER RISING: VOICE OF A REBEL by BBC Learning, Crossover Labs and VRTOV. 13 minutes.

A historical VR experience that’s part documentary, part virtual theatre. Step into one man’s memories and journey back to a moment that changed Irish history forever: the 1916 Easter Rising. The story revolves around a tape recording of Willie McNeive from the 1970s. In these recordings, Willie talks about his involvement as a Republican rebel in the Easter Rising 60 years before. Each scene in this story has a fixed point of view – the viewer can look around a full 360-degree environment and see the action while listening to recollections of the events in various locations.

EMPIRE SOLDIERS by Metro-Boulot-Dodo. 5 minutes.

Empire Soldiers VR tells the compelling stories of the forgotten Caribbean soldiers of World War One. You will be transported back in time to 1918 alongside soldiers returning from the front line. You will hear the captivating stories of the battlefield and share the emotional experience of the return home. Award winning arts organisation Metro- Boulot-Dodo create innovative arts experiences blending heritage and new technology to inspire, inform and entertain. 

Empire Soldiers VR is supported by Arts Council England and Threshold Studios.


How the LIMINA Immersive VR Experience Sessions work:

Saturday 21st - Monday 23rd

In order to create a sense of an audience for what remains an individual experience, we are setting up five Oculus Rift systems our 'screening room', the Timmy Hele room at Emmanuel College. Each day will have its own dedicated VR experience. That VR piece will be ticketed, and screened hourly – offering you a chance to experience this emerging medium and then share your thoughts afterwards, traditional style in Picturehouse Bar. The programme includes a range of challenging works that stretch the creative boundaries of this emerging medium. Restricted to 18 plus only. Please note that Monday’s piece, Second Date, includes particularly adult content.

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All sessions bookable in advance. Audience must arrive promptly at session time to allow for briefing. No latecomers will be admitted. An experienced VR host will guide the audience through the experience.


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