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95 minutes


Director: Attila Gigor.
Starring: Irma Milovic, Pokorny Lia, Kurta Niké, Nora Trokán, Zsolt Kovács, Jankovics Péter. 

A man arrives at a gas station which squats on a freeway in the middle of nowhere, hoping to reconcile with his estranged father. Their reunion is interrupted when a Swiss pimp pulls up to the pumps, accompanied by three charismatic, brooding sex workers. Their van has broken down, and can’t be fixed any time soon. Tarantino fans will love WELL’s violent and quirky style. The dusty outskirts of Csákvár look great on 35mm, and the cramped gas station is the perfect backdrop for the trouble that’s brewing, as each character’s suppressed emotions and guilty secrets bubble to the surface.

angry man with people in background 2 men shocked