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Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot.
Starring: Yves Montand, Charles Vanel, Véra Clouzot. 

Arguably the most suspenseful movie ever made, Clouzot’s sardonic thriller combines acute psychological insight with brilliantly staged action. In a South American backwater of hellish poverty, an exploitative US oil company offers four desperate men $2000 each to drive two trucks of highly explosive nitro-glycerine to a distant oil well where fire is raging. Nerves of steel are required to watch their excruciating progress across 300 miles of dangerously rough terrain where the slightest jolt could mean sudden extinction. Cut for its US release because of alleged anti-Americanism, Clouzot’s masterpiece is a devastating indictment of capitalist exploitation and of human folly in general. This new 4K restoration, including five minutes of previously unseen material, is released by the BFI on DVD/Blu-ray on 23 October. ‘The purest exercise in cinematic tension ever carved into celluloid’ Dennis Lehane (writer of ‘Shutter Island’ & ‘Mystic River’).

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