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Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot.
Starring: Brigitte Bardot, Sami Frey, Marie-José Nat.

Brigitte Bardot gives one of her best-ever performance as Dominique, a rebellious, free-spirited young woman on trial for the murder of her lover, a brilliant classical musician. Compelling court room scenes show how the sensual, fun-loving Dominque is judged not only on the evidence, but for her refusal to conform to the prevailing hypocritical morality. Through vivid flashbacks, conjuring up the bedsits, cafes and student life of Paris, she emerges as a surprisingly complex character. Director Henri-Georges Clouzot commented: ‘I wanted to show the constant ambiguity of things and that the same event can be shown from several different points of view.’ Newly restored in 4K by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

portrait of a woman with a scarf on her head lighting a cigarette couple lying in bed he has short black hair and she has long blond hair