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Three short films on the theme of space.  


Dir. Olga Osorio. WITH Teo Galiñanes, Óscar Galiñanes. Spain, 2016, 9 mins, Spanish with English Subtitles.

Summer of 1982. Teo claims he has found a wormhole. His brother Óscar does not believe him - at least not for now.

Face Face,

Dir. Michael Moloney. USA, 2015, 4 mins.

In the year 372054, Astronaut Commander Shepard Headstrong is the first test subject in the Faceship initiative - a programme where a space vehicle is fashioned from the pilot’s own DNA.

Planet Unknown,

Dir. Shawn Wang. China, 2016, 10 mins.

Mankind are facing a global resource depletion. Space Rovers are deployed to find potential inhabitable planets.


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