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The remote Himalayan village of Laya was the last place in Bhutan to get electricity.

Director Thomas Balmés documented its arrival in his previous film, Happiness, and now he returns to see how the introduction of modern technology has transformed this previously-isolated community. For young Buddhist monk Peyangki, it's a distraction from his studies, because he's fallen in love online and is saving to travel to the capital city to meet this woman of his dreams. But how often do dreams and reality match?

Sing Me a Song questions if the ubiquity of communication technology, which we think enhances our lives, is actually to our benefit at all.


'Thomas Balmès' profound documentary explores the ripple-effect ramifications of a seemingly positive invention perverting an unspoiled community' - Variety

'A provocative doc about lives upended by technology' - The Hollywood Reporter

'Stunning' - Vox