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Chilling dose of horror and the unexpected.


Rocks and Crows - F-rated.

Original Title: Des petites pierres

Switzerland, 2020, 12 mins. Dir. Anne Thorens. With: César Donnet, Thierry Pradervand, Bruno Mathé.

Lucas is playing in the yard of his building with his plastic pistol. But his game takes another twist when he starts playing with crows.


Catch a Butcher - Triple F-rated.

UK, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Cassiah Joski-jethi. With: Ramanique Ahluwalia, Manpreet Bambra, Faith Knight.

CATCH A BUTCHER is a short horror set in 19th Century India, where a nurse's first night on the job descends into terror as she discovers the truth behind the disappearances of mixed-race babies.



USA, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Guy Harvey. With: Jonathan Nyati, Isabella Speaight.

A hole in London lures people to jump inside, growing larger, deeper and seemingly more unstoppable with each victim.


Itch - Triple F-rated

Malta, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Susannah Farrugia. With: Alexandra Downling, Loren O'dair, Shenagh Govan.

A psychological horror about a novice nun who develops a severe skin condition which continues to worsen along with her mental state as she struggles with her feelings for another nun.



UK, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Matt Ditko. With: Tia Divković, Mick Callus, David Kovalenko.

A string of bizarre missing person cases leads two troubled teenagers to investigate their town's forbidden forest.



Iran, 2020, 12 mins.

Dir. Farnoosh Abedi. With: Zoltan Cservak, Sipoos Balazs Gyula, Mark Mozes.

A piano player tries to bring his wife back to life, but the deal awakens the devil inside him.


They Salivate - Triple F-rated.

Original Title: Ils Salivent

France, 2020, 12 mins.

Dir. Ariane Boukerche. With: Olga Riazanova, Def, Julie Sokolowski.

THEY SALIVATE is the story of a kiss. A couple kiss each other in their deserted living room. The party begins and one guest drinks the couple's last kiss.



Australia, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Alex Von Hofmann. With: Melody Rom, Ben Mortley, Paul Montague.

In a world decimated by nuclear war, a young girl living in the Australian countryside must venture alone to a distant farmhouse to seek medical supplies for her dying father.


CONTENT WARNING This strand contains scenes of a sexual nature, bodily harm and violence.