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Delve into the dark recesses of the human condition.



UK, 2019, 5 mins. Dir. Neil Linpow.
With: Neil Linpow and Russell Barnett.

As a vicious riot rips through the secure wing of a British Prison, an inmate makes one final call home.


Dark Lights

UK, 2019, 10 mins. Dir. Borja Torres Sánchez.
With: Philippa Quinn and Alice Robinson.

After years of research, Alexandra and Samantha finally have the chance to experiment on the first ever sample of Dark Matter acquired.



UK, 2019, 20 mins. Dir. Ben Reid.
With: Tommy Jessop, Alice Lowe, Laurence Spellman, Richard Glover and Bethany Asher.

When a care worker falls to his death, it appears to be a terrible accident. But when a detective questions a man with Down syndrome, they uncover a shocking crime.



UK, 2019, 17 mins. Dir. Talitha Stevenson.
With: Thalissa Teixeira and Henry Lloyd-Hughes.

While travelling in a distant country, a wild, hedonistic night lands Ella and Rich in serious trouble.


The Passenger

UK, 2019, 16 mins. Dir. Roland Kennedy.
With: Conrad Khan, Badger Skelton and Leo Topolov.

One night in the lives of three siblings caught in the world of moped crime in London.



UK, 2019, 19 mins. Dir. Jennifer Sheridan.
With: Juliet Stevenson, Tuppence Middleton, Jack Farthing, Iwan Rheon and Nicholas Pinnock.

A birthday party, a young couple on the run, and a hitman across the hall.


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