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Anteros: Love Returned

UK, 2019, 3 mins. Dir. Diego Aparicio and George Moore Chadwick.
With: Freddie House, Aline Arronsky and Luke Duncan. 

In an effort to confront his past, a man meets with Anteros, the goddess of requited love.



Poland, 2018, 13 mins. Dir. Piotr Sulkowski.
With: Joanna Kulig, Adam Woronowicz, Adam Tybulczuk, Eryk Remański.

A man consumed by guilt plays the role of a murderer and forces his ten-year-old self to face his original trauma.


Goodnight Death

USA, 2019, 21 mins. Dir. Elsa Levytsky.
With: Callum Blue, Danielle Kotch, Christopher Samuels and Michael Schantz.

A Grim Reaper who hates his job and a young girl who refuses to die.


The Vanishing Princess

USA, 2019, 15 mins. Dir. Makenzie Leigh.
With: Victoria Hamilton, Makenzie Leigh, Santino Fontana and Jon Orsini. 

A princess lives alone in a tower. When two soldiers happen upon her, they are intrigued by how little she knows or needs. A darkly comedic tale about a woman who discovers she exists.


The Sea

UK, 2019, 14 mins. Dir. Cameron Richards.
With: Anna Friel, Russell Tovey and David Elliot.

Jenny sits by the sea watching for birds.


Marie Celeste

Canada, 2019, 14 mins. Dir. Tori Larsen.
With: Amanda Brugel and Madeline Brewer.

Renowned French artist Marie Celeste invites a gallery assistant into her strange and elegant world only to discover they share a connection much deeper and darker than just art.


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