• Certification: 18
  • Run time: 80 minutes
  • Genre: Drama



Part of

80 minutes


Find that family sometimes means caring so much it hurts.

Mothering, Dir. Lucy Bridger

UK, 2018, 14 mins.
When Mia arrives at a new foster home her first period appears unexpectantly in the early hours.


Bogdan i Roza, Dir. Milena Dutkowska

Poland, 2017, 15 mins.
Bogdan and Roza are in an old marriage. Their life is filled with silence and daily reciprocal malice.


Beast, Dir. Leonora Lonsdale

UK, 2017, 19 mins.
When Alice’s mother tells her that her father has become a “beast”, Alice begins to question who or what she really is.


Linda, Dir. Stephen Glover

UK, 2018, 8 mins. 
On the morning of Linda’s husband’s funeral an unexpected reunion unlocks long repressed desires.


Summer Rain, Dir. Miwako van Weyenberg

Belgium, 2017, 19 mins.
Keita, a boy from a Belgian-Japanese family spends two weeks with his grandparents in the Flemish countryside.


The Wait, Dir. Jason McColgan

UK, 2018, 5 mins. 
Two people find comfort in one another after striking up a conversation at a bus stop.


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