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Step into the eerie and unknown.


Dead Seasons
Morte Stagioni

Italy, 2019, 20 mins. Dir. Pietro Porporati.
With: Daria Deflorian and Gelsomina Pascucci.

A mother and daughter, two worlds apart, trapped in a rotten house.



Denmark, 2019, 21 mins. Dir. Mads Reuther.
With: Stig Hoffmeyer, Morten Burian, Laura Christensen, Patrick Baurichter, Sander Herstad, Kirsten Lehfeldt and Emil Stjernholm.

When a clairvoyant man is approached by a woman whose son has gone missing, he must choose between helping her and his last chance to reconcile with his family.


The Dead Ones

UK, 2019, 19 mins. Dir. Stefan Georgiou.
With: Olivia Hallinan, Sebastian Armesto, Vinette Robinson and Jim Conway.

Those whose lives are cut short by violence do not disappear, they live to haunt the person who killed them.



France, 2018, 23 mins. Dir. Garth Jennings.
With: Evelyne Buyle, Damien Bonnard and Bernard Verley.

Inside a grand Parisian apartment lives an elegant elderly lady. And inside this lady lives a monster.


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