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85 minutes


Enjoy comedy with a touch of a dark side, all from UK talents.


Great Expectations, Dir. Stephan Georgiou

UK, 2017, 16 mins. 
Dickens retold with a bleak, comedic freshness by a woman of the 21st century.


Deep Clean, Dir. Matt Harlock

UK, 2018, 14 mins.
What if the council road crews you see everyday are not what you thought?


Kidnapped, Dir. Dino Kazamia

UK, 2017, 7 mins. 
A kidnapping doesn’t turn out as Joe planned.


Tiebreaker, Dir. Joe Withers

UK, 2017, 8 mins.
Will and Sara are due to meet up at 8.30pm to take part in their local pub quiz. Will, as per their usual routine, is late.


F*ck, Dir. Danny Morgan

UK, 2018, 10 mins.
A young couple try to navigate their sex life after the birth of their baby.


Man of the Hour, Dir. Linda Ludwig & James Curle

UK, 2018, 18 mins.
Gemma receives a mysterious invitation to a birthday party where she must pass herself off as the old friend of an enigmatic millionaire.


The Director, Dir. Kim Albright

UK/Canada, 2018, 13 mins. 
Claire is a young woman without direction, and Michael is a director without a production.


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