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80 minutes


Witness these dramatic tales of love, loss, and sin.


Astroturf, Dir. James Uren

UK, 2017, 2 mins.
A meticulous gardener tends to his fake garden, to the eerie sounds of deep space.


Being Keegan, Stephanie Zari 

UK, 2018, 22 mins.
When a tormented naval officer returns home to Liverpool, the city becomes a landscape for atonement as he is forced to confront his past.


Evie, Dir. Miranda Howard-Williams

UK, 2018, 8 mins.
A teenage boy is pressured into losing his virginity in a futuristic world.


Bless Me Father, Dir. Paul M. Horan

Ireland, 2017, 16 mins.
In a small Irish town where secrets are rare, a local man goes to church to confess his sins.


Wounds, Dir. Joan Pauls 

Spain, 2018, 9 mins.
A blind couple is disturbed when the boy brings some unexpected news.


Tremors, Dir. Dawid Bodzak 

Poland, 2018, 21 mins.
Imagine that you are in the forest. It’s dark, quiet, empty. You do not know why you are there. You hear a howl.


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