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Voce - Triple F-rated.

UK, Italy, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Emily May Smith. With: Sorcha Groundsell, Giulia Del Fabbro, Francesca Kos, Miriam Lucia.

An inhibited young woman is tasked with delivering news to her estranged Nonna (grandmother) in southern Italy.

Snorrie - F-rated.

Original Title: Mustachio

Netherlands, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Victoria Warmerdam. With: Henry Van Loon, Wim Willaert, Sieger Sloot.

Absurd tragicomedy about thirty-something Freek, who is reuniting with his imaginary friend from the past, who is looking for closure.


Just in Case - Triple F-rated.

UK, 2021, 12 mins. Dir. Kirsty Robinson-ward. With: Philip Glenister, April Kelley.

Rachel lives with bipolar disorder and the invisibility of her condition has become all too real for her family.


An Irish Goodbye

Ireland, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Ross White. With: Seamus O'hara, James Martin, Michelle Fairley.

Against the backdrop of a farm in rural Northern Ireland, estranged brothers Turlough and Lorcan reunite following their mother's death.


Soft Rain

Singapore, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Sacha Geodegebure.

A man suffering from depression is rained on by pink, fluffy balls from the sky.


Break Any Spell - Triple F-rated.

Canada, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Anton Jøsef. With: Rachel Boyd, Catherine Mcgregor, Kelly Seo, Vanessa Mitchell, Tyran Driscoll.

When April heads off to battle in the world of live-action role-playing, her mother's early-onset Alzheimer's disease reaches a breaking point.

CONTENT WARNING This strand contains scenes of mental illness, suicide references.