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Wind down and cheer up with these playful shorts.


Of Thread and Almonds

UK, 2019, 11 mins. Dir. Rebecca Manley.
With: Miles Yekinni and Sophie Harkness.

A thoughtful cloakroom attendant’s immaculate routine is turned upsidedown by a charismatic PhDscholar.


Little Con Lili

USA, 2018, 10 mins. Dir. Gabriela Garcia Medina.
With: Ava Davila, Cheryl Umana Bonilla, Megan Lewicki, Michael Nason.

Lili should be doing her homework, but instead decides to enjoy a leisurely afternoon.


Feline Paradox

USA, 2019, 25 mins. Dir. Ben Reicher.
With: Noah Malone, Erica Estrada, Ben Reicher.

Paul tries to change the past.... Perhaps at the cost of everyone’s future. Warning: Contains cats!


Anxiety’s Wilma

USA, 2018, 9 mins. Dir. Alexandra Kyle.
With: Martin Starr, Alexandra Kyle, Abby Miller, Myron McClure.

A short romantic comedy about a young woman and her anxiety.


Who’s The Daddy?

UK, 2019, 14 mins. Dir. Mary-Sue Masson.
With: Kellie Shirley and Olivia Lee.

Rachel has a rude introduction to Emma while in play-ground purgatory.


Roundheads and Cavaliers

UK, 2019, 12 mins. Dir. Chloe Thomas.
With: Cariad Lloyd, Alex Carter, David Schaal, Perry Fitzpatrick.

At her first historical reenactment Alice finds herself caught between a Roundhead and a Cavalier.


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