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Reflecting on emotional cruxes and times of change.


Sounds of Nature - Triple F-rated.

Germany, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Eliza Petkova. With: Ulrike Beerbaum, Susanne Lüning, Márton Nagy.

During a walk, a dental nurse realises the distance between her and her ailing mother.


You Look Fine - Triple F-rated.

UK, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Katie Byford. With: Annabel Smith, Sarah Flower.

Syd attends a doctor's appointment while coping with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), following a recent incident of sexual assault.


An Invitation

Original Title: Fang Ke

China, 2020, 12 mins.

Dir. Yeung Tung & Hao Zhao.

With: Jim Ping Hei, Yu Xuan Liu.

An 8-year-old boy reluctantly visits his divorced father in Hong Kong, who wants him to become a Hong Kong citizen.



UK, 2021, 12 mins.

Dir. Rory Keenan. With: Gemma Arterton, Micah Balfour, Nylah Sweeney.

Leaving her house in some distress amidst a blazing row with an unseen person, heavily pregnant Pearl appears to be on a mission.


Waves - Triple F-rated.

UK, 2020, 12 mins.

Dir. Margarita Milne. With: Amelia Lander, Shaun Mckee, Alanah Bloor.

On a surfing trip, an Australian woman questions her decision to move to the other side of the world for love.



Republic of Korea, 2020, 12 mins.

Dir. Jayil Pak. With: Lee Yang Hee, Lee Chae Kyung, Kim, Kyu Nam.

When the police refuse to investigate their daughter’s alleged suicide, two computer-illiterate parents decide to design a protest banner.


CONTENT WARNING This strand contains scenes of a sexual nature, abuse, kidnapping, mental illness, pregnancy, discussion of death and sexual assault.