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80 minutes


Stand on a precipice and watch these shorts make a choice.


The Riot Act, Dir. Oliver Riley-Smith

UK/USA, 2017, 15 mins.
Set during the London riots of 2011, an amateur journalist takes to the streets to capture the ensuing protests.


A Crown Fit For A Prince, Dir. James Honess

UK, 2018, 11 mins. 
A prince trials a recently captured witch by order of his father, the King, when the tables unexpectedly turn.


Solatium, Dir. Christina Tynkevych 

Ukraine, 2017, 11 mins.
Traumatised by her daughter’s death, a young woman is conflicted by her faith and driven to extreme measures.


Abyss, Dir. Kate Taylor-James 

UK, 2018, 8 mins. 
A widow visits her husband’s killer in prison.


Two, Dir. Kenneth O'Toole

UK, 2018, 8 mins.
An unexpected turn of events leaves one young, gay man with an experience that he will never forget.


Details, Dir. Jennifer Lieberman 

Canada/USA, 2018, 11 mins.
Four couples explore the same script about a deteriorating relationship.


Van Maya, Edward de Jong

Netherlands, 2018, 15 mins.
Daniël grows ever more restless as his girlfriend thinks about what to do with her pregnancy.


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