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Sometimes meant in its metaphorical sense and in other cases more literally, these films are all about people fighting for a sporting chance.


Canada, 8 mins.
Director Jeanne Leblanc

As a heat wave hits Montreal, Andres and his friends get together for a game of soccer. It seems like any other summer afternoon until their game is disrupted by the appearance of Kevin, a player who had vanished for days.
Print source Spira

Baby Boy
Australia, 15 mins.
Director Jackson Mullane

Bronson is a repressed, yet fiercely determined youth who juggles his sporting dreams under the strain of living with his drug-dependent mother.
Print source Young Blood Films

UK, 13 mins.
Director Divya Pathak

Three Indian girls battle social and financial pressures as they pursue their passion for boxing, the sport that could hold the key to their futures.
Print source Divya Pathak

TV in the Fish Tail
UK/India/USA, 13 mins.
Director Iesh Thapar

As electricity is introduced to a remote Trans-Himalayan village, an adolescent boy struggles to reconcile his excitement with the abjection that surrounds him.
Print source Iesh Thapar

The Incident
Lebanon/United States, 22 mins.
Director Meedo Taha

At a bus stop near Beirut, a veiled Lebanese woman and a migrant Syrian worker get in a tumultuous moment and are arrested. They must argue their innocence in the face of the only witnesses: a bus full of women on their way to Koran school, each with her version of the truth.
Print source drawFILM