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Director: Lars Montag.
Starring: Bernhard Schütz, Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Friederike Kempter, Rainer Bock, Maria Hofstätter, Lilly Wiedemann, Taliha Iman Celik, Hussein Eliraqui, Katja Bürkle, Peter Schneider, Eva Löbau, Lara Mandoki, Eugen Bauder, Aaron Hilmer, Lisa Adler, Barbara Philipp.

A look at German sensitivities: the film adaptation of Helmut Krausser’s bestseller Einsamkeit und Sex und Mitleid focuses on a motley crew of urbanites, all trying to cope with their romantic problems. Retired teacher Ecki runs an "anger room" where aggressive people can let off steam. Family man Robert models for artist Janine, who in turn has met supermarket manager Uwe on a dating site. His ex-wife, stressed-out doctor Julia, fights her loneliness by hiring callboy Vincent. Vincent is in a happy relationship with girlfriend Vivian, and to keep it that way they have come to an unusual agreement….

We hope to welcome Producer Werner C. Barg for a Q&A following the screenings.

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