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Well beyond a discussion simply about robots, Robolove is a compelling exploration of self and what it means to be human. Do we need androids that resemble humans?

Do they provide some bridge between humans and machines? Or will they provide a way for us to pass our legacy to future generations? Scientists go to extraordinary lengths to stitch the perfect eyebrow, train a computer to interact, or provide plausible responses to a question; yet it's the conversations between the robot makers and their work — such as the inner dialogue between Hiroshi Ishiguro and himself as Geminoid — that provide many poignant moments in this documentary.

From the opening scenes and throughout, Maria Arlamovsky has given us a beautiful work with many questions to ponder.


'RoboLove, with its stunning images by Sebastian Arlamovsky, is a frightening documentary: do we really want our future in the hands of these technocratic scientists, who at best will replicate the contradictions of human life today?' - Filmuforia