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Warning: contains scenes of sexual violence.


A homoerotic drama set in a repressive 1970s Chilean prison where Jaime, a young hot-tempered narcissist, is incarcerated for committing a brutal and unfathomable crime against his best friend.

'The Stallion', a tough and respected older inmate, played by famous Chilean actor Alfredo Castro, develops an affectionate relationship with Jaime, leading to the exploration of conflicting loyalties, masculine aggression, and love, alongside a quest for sexual identity. Adapted from Mario Cruz's cult novel, Sebastián Muñoz’s debut feature won the prestigious Queer Lion at last year's Venice International Film Festival.

This dark, tense story of survival at all costs and homosexual love in a time of intolerance is challenging but utterly mesmerising.


‘Striking in its damp claustrophobic aesthetic and powerful erotic imagery, The Prince is an impressive look at sexual awakening and humankind’s need for connection’ - CultureFix

‘a dazzling song of love and death, between pleasure and pain’ - Samuele Sestieri, PointBlank

‘a film of impetuous sensuality... in its multifaceted sexual, emotional and primitive ferocity’ - Martina Barone, Cinematographe