100 minutes


Original Title: Entotsu Machi no Poupelle

Based on Akihiro Nishino's bestselling book of the same name, this is a beautiful and touching story of a young boy Lubicchi (played by child actor Mana Ashida) who refuses to believe that the world in enshrined in smoke and that there are instead worlds and stars beyond. Immediately post COP26 in Glasgow this year, there is a strong and timely ecological message that we can always live more in harmony with the environment and with each other.

"A masterpiece of animation, full of surprise and discovery" WATANABE REIKO, NIPPON.COM


Please note:

The Sunday morning screening of POUPELLE will be the English language version (without subtitles) with a cast that includes Tony Hale (Poupelle), Antonio Raul Corbo (Lubicchi, Louie), Stephen Root (Bruno), Misty Lee (Lola).