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114 minutes


Director: Lucas Belvaux.
Starring: Emilie Dequenne, André Dussolier, Guillaume Gouix, Catherine Jacob, Anne Marivin, Patrick Descamps.

This is Our Land is a film for our times. Not so loosely based on Marine Le Pen, Agnès Dorgelle is making a push for power. Pauline, a care assistant who is public-spirited and frustrated by the way her town is going, is encouraged to stand for election as the local town mayor. She is a ‘good’ person, while those around her clearly use her for their far right ambitions. Fundamentally asking the key questions about immigration and populism, the film combines excellent filmmaking from Lucas Belvaux, clever mise-en-scène, great writing with matching performances.

A woman takes a selfie with 3 children in the crowd of the football game three women and a man frown at something in the distance A blond woman stands on stage at a political rally An older man with a woman and a young girl smile at another man at a football ground A man and a woman smile at each other through a mirror A woman holding a duffel bag looks over her shoulder