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114 minutes


Director: Kim Ki-duk.
Starring: Ryoo Seung-bum, Young-min Kim, Guyhwa Choi.

A fisherman boat breaks down and drifts to South Korea. After enduring many brutal investigations, he eventually gets sent back to North Korea. But before leaving South Korea, he sees how developed the country is and the contrasting dark sides of it. He realizes that economic development does not spell happiness for the people. Back home, he receives the same investigations as he did in the south, and feels great sadness of being a human trapped in the ideology between the two divided countries. “Regardless of will, humans get stuck in the political ideology of the places they are born in. Through the fisherman who suffers pain going to South Korea and back to North Korea on a broken down boat, we see how we are sacrificed by the divided Korean peninsula. And how the division creates great sadness...” - KIM Ki-duk.

close up of a man smiling 2 men looking at a screen - profile view close up of 2 men one looking down and the other looking at the first man