• Certification: PG
  • Country: USA
  • Release year: 1945
  • Language: English
  • Run time: 111 minutes
  • Genre: Drama



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Director: Michael Curtiz.
Starring: Joan Crawford, Jack Carson, Zachary Scott, Ann Blyth.

Adapted from a novel by James M. Cain, this great noir melodrama is dominated by Joan Crawford’s Oscar-winning performance in the title role. Mildred, a hard-working Los Angeles housewife, will do literally anything for Veda, her selfish, snobbish daughter. Casting aside her useless husband, Mildred builds up her own business empire, enabling Veda to scale the social ladder. Crawford is all sex appeal, shoulder pads, steely ambition and slavish self-sacrifice,but can a woman really succeed on her own? This immaculate 4K restoration from the Criterion Collection does full justice to Ernest Haller’s superb cinematography.

women writing in a notebook and looking up woman on the phone with younger woman with a flower in her hair looking expectantly at her young couple in evening outfits (tuxedo and gown) holding each other with a woman in a fur coat is looking at them