• Certification: 15
  • Run time: 63 minutes
  • Genre: Short Film



Part of


Director: Gair Dunlop. 2017. 66 mins.

Yellowcake traces the rise and fall of the UK nuclear fission research programme, seen through its sites, archives, memories and consequences. Gair Dunlop has spent 3 years gaining unique access to a range of research sites, archives and restricted facilities. As well as physical remains, the film explores the psychic realms of the nuclear- whether as postwar dream of a post-empire future, apocalyptic terror as entertainment, or zone beyond our understandings of time.

Director: Dick Jewell. 1996. 26 mins.

In Desert Rose we are taken from the cottonwoods, and deserts of southern Nevada to a contemporary and 1950s vision of the casinos, hotels and wedding chapels of Las Vegas, where a seamy underside is revealed, far more sinister and tragic than mere glitter, vice or gambling. “For part of my childhood, to recuperate from tuberculosis, I was taken to live in the idyllic mountains of northern Nevada, where the occasional nuclear cloud drifted north from the Test Site, sixty miles from the city of Las Vegas.” CORDELIA SWANN.

We are delighted to welcome artists Gair Dunlop and Cordelia Swann for a Q&A following the screening.