• Certification: 15
  • Run time: 69 minutes
  • Genre: Short Film



Part of


Director: Margaret Rasp
é 1979. 17 mins.
The artist records herself painting blue colour on white canvas using her self-made camera helmet. The distance between Raspé and the canvas lets us only see small areas of the painting at any one time – the close up view that makes up all the earlier Camera Helmet films – but here she steps back and we see the whole canvas and the space that it’s in. Then back again to close up. “A 30 minute film of a 30 minute painting”. A history of a painting and also a work in its own right.

Director: Cordelia Swann. 2009. 8 mins.

Inspired by the unlikely plots of afternoon TV and Hitchcock’s ‘Rebecca’ Amnesia opens with our heroine discovering that her husband is Pierce Brosnan who gives her a mobile phone so that she will remember her past. .

Director: Cordelia Swann. 2006. 2 mins.

By taking a single scene and overlaying it three times using delays and changes to density the result is a delirious musical and visual ‘round’ exposing the over heightened emotions of Vivien Leigh as she at first whispers for her lover’s return and then runs to him across an ersatz palace and terrace with a barely visible Bay of Naples and Mt Vesuvius smoldering in the background.

Director: Cordelia Swann. UK 1985. 42 mins.

The method of making hinged on creating an ongoing dialogue with the subject to produce a living document. The Jazz Room was about the development of jazz dance at The Electric Ballroom, Camden. At the start of each night the ‘film so far’ was projected above the dance floor, before continuing to shoot more material to incorporate into the film. Over a period of a year and a half his created an interaction between the dancers and the film that informed the development of the dance style.

We are delighted to welcome artists Cordelia Swann and Dick Jewell for a Q&A following the screening.