• Certification: 15
  • Release year: 2017
  • Run time: 45 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary



Part of


Director: Luke Fowler. 2017. 45 mins.

"The subject of my new 16mm/35mm film titled Electro-pythagorus is the Canadian computer music pioneer Martin Bartlett - who studied with Pauline Oliveros, David Tudor, John Cage and Pandit Pran Nath. His life and work are in danger of being erased from cultural memory since his death from AIDS in 1993. Drawing on an extensive use of hitherto unseen archival material - correspondence, travel journals, workbooks, personal photos and films, as well as a huge body of unreleased music and field recordings created over his lifetime. I employ my own 16mm camera as a tool to aid documentation; whilst also creating a subjective knowledge and connection to the places and people Bartlett touched. Martin’s biography includes joint-founding of the Western Front (an inter-disciplinary artists run centre in Vancouver), his involvement with Canada Shadows, his study of Asian music and tuning systems, and his turn to proto-computer music in the late 70’s. While these areas are ostensibly the subject -my montage refuses to reduce Bartlett’s life to a onedimensional allegory. Instead, it ruminates on the struggles and politics of living, as well as enjoyment of the exalted states of being; of pleasure, sensuality and social communion. The films shifts between different visual registers and tones, yet aims to remain sonically faithful to Bartlett’s original texts and music." LUKE FOWLER.

We are delighted to welcome artist Luke Fowler for a Q&A following the screening.