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81 minutes


Director: Joshua Z. Weinstein.
Starring: Menashe Lustig, Ruben Niborksi, Yoel Weisshaus.

Joshua Z. Weinstein’s award-winning debut offers a dense, detailed portrait of Hasidic life in the streets, shops, synagogues and homes of Borough Park, Brooklyn. Menashe (Menashe Lustig), a recently widowed grocery store worker, is battling to retain custody of his ten-year-old son. As tradition requires children to live in a house with a mother, he’s under huge pressure to find a new wife – something he’s not all that keen on. Shot covertly with mostly non-professional, Yiddish-speaking actors drawn from the ultra-orthodox community, this unsentimental, documentary-style film offers a fascinating insight into a secretive, unfamiliar world.

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