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Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev.
Starring: Maryana Spivak, Aleksey Rozin, Matvey Novikov, Marina Vasilyeva, Andris Keiss.

Beauty salon owner Zhenya (Spivak) and white collar worker Boris (Rozin) are in the midst of a vicious divorce marked by resentment, frustration and recriminations. With their jointly-owned apartment up for sale, the separation can’t come quick enough – with both already embarking on a fresh start with new partners. Caught in the middle is their 12 year-old son Alyosha (Novikov), a tearful and delicate child who is left distraught when he overhears his mother suggest he be placed in boarding school. Yet when Zhenya returns home one day, she receives a call from Alyosha’s teacher. He hasn’t been at school for two days....

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