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Iranian couple Leila and Sahand had an affair while they were married to other people, a crime in Tehran, punishable with execution.

They can't acknowledge that four-year-old Mani is their illegitimate son, because that would constitute proof of their adultery. So the trio leave their homeland, taking refuge in Turkey while they seek asylum to Canada or the US.

Filmed over five years with remarkable access to the family’s happiest and hardest moments, this is an intimate and poignant portrait of their quest to be together, as they battle both Iranian and European law, their lives stuck in limbo.


'Eva Mulvad is given unfettered access to Sahand and Leila for Love Child, and that closeness helps viewers understand the myriad ways the family is being pushed and pulled.' - Pajiba

'Never has the banality of the plight of refugees been laid out so plainly as in this heartbreaking, Kafka-esque documentary.' - CineVue

'Documentaries can be as narratively driven as any fiction feature, as "Love Child" proves in entirely engrossing fashion.' - Variety