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While their single mother is out trying to make ends meet, two young immigrant brothers (played by real-life siblings Maximiliano and Leonardo Nájar Márquez) pass the time in their cheap and nasty one-room apartment.

Under strict instructions not to leave, their entertainment is all home-made. Fortunately, they are creative, reinventing themselves as The Wolves (Los Lobos), and subtle and endearing animation brings their fantasies to life.

The film takes what would normally be a story of hardship and neglect and transforms it into a tale of kindness and imagination.


'An already moving film is given an unforeseen blush of relevance in these trying times by refracting an immigration story through the prism of a childhood experience of forced isolation.' - Jessica Kiang, Variety

'brims with empathy and humane understanding' - Variety

'a remarkable statement about the nature of the America experienced by those who traverse its borders' - IndieWire

'balancing grittiness with sentimentality to rousing effect' - IndieWire