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Lis is a teenage girl who dreams of leaving her hometown to become a circus artist. Her parents (the wonderful Sergi López and Laia Marull) are good people, but not especially in tune with the needs and desires of their young daughter.

The transition from innocence to adulthood is portrayed magnificently by lead actress, Carmen Arrufat, who was nominated for a prestigious Goya award for her role.

Lucía Alemany’s debut feature is part autobiographical, and has that remarkable precision of detail that makes a familiar story feel fresh and unique.

'a breakthrough role for Carmen Arrufat, who manages to convey the dignity, awkwardness and breezy defiance of youth all without saying a word.' - Cineuropa

'The Innocence is a note-perfect and authentic portrayal of small-town life on the east coast of Spain' - Cineuropa

'fresh, feminine and, above all, transmits truth and authenticity from start to finish' - Díaz, Cineuropa



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