• Certification: PG
  • Run time: 25 minutes
  • Genre: Family



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Director: San San F. Young.
UK 2017. 25 mins. Chinese with English Subtitles.

Chalk Girl: a protester at the heart of Hong Kong’s democracy movement. Two years since her arrest made her an accidental infamous hero of the pro-democracy umbrella movement, the 16-year-old must decide whether to rejoin the battle alongside the ‘localist’ youth. As elections loom, Chalk Girl is torn between wanting to respect her family, who are concerned about the risks of her activism, and standing up to Chinese interference. Young localists see themselves as being in a fight to save their beloved city, and in the middle of it all, Chalk Girl is just a teenager wanting to feel part of something bigger. What has happened to Chalk Girl since the documentary was made? Director, San San F Young will be here to give you an update and take questions!

We are delighted to welcome director San San F.Young for a Q&A following the screening.


a girl wearing a white face mask is holding a red umbrella